Personal Launches Fill It Mobile To Make All Mobile Forms and Transactions 1-Touch

Washington, D.C. (August 25, 2014) - Personal, the company whose Fill It and Data Vault service helps people securely store and reuse their data for online forms and transactions, today released Fill It Mobile to enable secure, 1-touch autofill experiences in mobile apps and sites..

Available at Google Play with iOS to soon follow, Fill It Mobile addresses two of the biggest areas of friction in mobile apps and transactions - the difficulty of completing forms on mobile devices, and users reusing their data across apps. In anticipation of the upcoming iOS 8 release from Apple, which allows apps to more easily interact with one another, Fill It will also support Touch ID, allowing it to be even more seamlessly experienced by users in sites and apps.

"Billions of hours and dollars are lost each year as people struggle to find and re-enter all kinds of information on paper and Web forms. The problem is even worse in the rapidly growing mobile economy," said Shane Green, co-founder and CEO of Personal. "Fill It Mobile delivers on the promise of a 1-touch mobile experience wherever you want."

Through Fill It Mobile, users can now use over 1,200 different types of data for any kind of mobile form or transaction, including:

  • - registrations and account creation
  • - payments of all types (including ACH and wire transfers)
  • - credit card, banking and insurance applications
  • - job applications and HR
  • - real estate and mortgage
  • - medical and health insurance
  • - government and school
  • - travel and events
  • - shopping and loyalty and rewards sign ups

Fill It also offers the world's largest form library, cataloging 225,000-plus of the most-used online forms which developers and companies, in turn, can now make available for 1-touch completion on mobile devices. For example, when a user finds a mobile app or site enabled with Fill It, she can tap a button to launch a virtual version of that form in the Fill It Mobile app. Users can then review their data - or add something new - and Fill It will send the information securely to that app or site and save a copy for future use.

Forms can also be launched and completed using QR codes. And when a paper or PDF form is still required, users can simply print or share a PDF version of the completed form via email - and even sign with an e-signature app.

Added Green: "With minimal integration, developers and companies can make all of their forms, sign-ups and checkouts 1-touch and get back to focusing on how to deliver the best data-driven products and experiences."

Fill It Mobile is powered by Personal's Privacy by Design platform, which gives users control over their information in the Fill It and Data Vault service and ensures they have the only key to it. Everything created in Fill It Mobile syncs with the Fill It web browser extension (, which does not require partner integration.

In concert with Fill It Mobile, Personal is also releasing updates to its Data Vault apps at iTunes and Google Play, which are designed to interact seamlessly with Fill It Mobile.

Developers and companies can provide the Personal Fill It and Data Vault service, which is required for Fill It Mobile, to their users through Personal's enterprise SaaS solutions. To add Fill It functionality to mobile forms and apps, go to Individuals can also purchase a subscription for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

About Personal
Personal ( is a data vault solution for individuals to manage and securely share their most important information, passwords and files. Personal also features Fill It, a 1-click form-filling app for logins, checkouts and forms of all kinds, and the world's largest 1-click form library at Built on a privacy- and security-by-design platform that has been internationally recognized, the Fill It and Data Vault service helps individuals take control and benefit from their information - all with the peace of mind that the information in their vault remains legally theirs and can't be used without their permission.