Meet the Owner Data Agreement

Companies always make you sign long, unreadable legal agreements to use their sites or apps. We decided to turn the tables and develop the Owner Data Agreement – a simple contract that makes you the legal owner of the data you store in Personal. This is why we often refer to Personal users as “Owners”


You own your data.

Under the terms of this Agreement, you will own all the data you manage in Personal.

All registered Owners are legally obligated to recognize your data ownership.

Any registered Owner with whom you elect to grant access to your data will also have agreed to the same terms and conditions governing the use of your data.

You control who gets access.

Only you can grant access to the data you store in Personal. Personal will never grant any third party access to your data, except when specifically required by law.

Take your data with you.

At your request, Personal will promptly export your data to you and permanently delete it from our servers within 14 days.